Restaurant Menus


Digital Menus Display

Digital menu boards or displays are used today by most restaurants for a better visualization in a showy and attractive way for their customers.

They can also be used to promote, present and inform about new products, services or notice of policies.

To go menu

To Go Menus

Benefits of a takeaway menu.

Promote your business by distributing take-out menus to homes and all types of businesses around your restaurant. 

Present consumers with the type of food you prepare.

Display food images, dish descriptions, and prices. 

Provide your contact information for clients to make a phone call order for delivery or pick up.

Table menus insert cover

Table Menus - Insert Cover Style

Table menus are one of the most important items in your restaurant, since they express the central identity of your business.

It communicates the type of food that you prepare in your restaurant, as well as the ingredients, and prices, you can also display images of what some dishes look like, so it is easier for the person to start ordering.

This style of table menu cover is practical and reusable if you change some prices or any detail in your menu, this table menu style allows you to exchange the pages with updated information, whether it is prices or new dishes.

Table Menu - Laminated Coiled Style

Table menus are essential for family and casual restaurants and bars, apart from showing the dishes they can also show the drinks menu and its specialties, the kids menu, and some offerings.

The laminated and coil-bound or spiral-bound style table menus are stronger, more durable and easier to clean. 

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